Sunday, April 6, 2008

To Breed or Not to Breed

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"To Breed or Not to Breed"

Peggy Orenstein goes on a baby quest. Madelyn Cain on the childless revolution. Catherine Wagner shares some motherhood poems. A.M. Homes wrote an adoption memoir.

Journalist Peggy Orenstein has written a memoir called "Waiting for Daisy." She tells Jim Fleming about her ambivalence about having children, her difficulties becoming pregnant, and her adventures with fertility treatments.

Madelyn Cain is the author of "The Childless Revolution." She tells Jim Fleming that many women choose not to have children because they know they are not good enough at nurturing. She thinks this is an admirable, unselfish decision and one that more and more couples will make in the future.

Catherine Wagner is the co-editor, (with Rebecca Wolff) of the anthology "Not for Mothers Only." She talks with Steve Paulson about aspects of mothering and reads several poems from the book.

A.M. Homes was adopted as a newborn. When she was 31, her biological mother made contact, launching the writer on a years-long quest into her identity. She talks about it in her memoir, "The Mistress's Daughter" and in this conversation with Anne Strainchamps.

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